Embark Tree Removal

Embark Tree Removal

Services offered by Embark Tree Removal:

Tree removal and trimming:
We will totally or partially remove and trim only what is necessary. We prefer to keep the tree alive for its ecological value, but for safety reasons some trees have to be totally removed or professionally trimmed to encourage the desired shape and growth to keep the tree safe and healthy.

Stump grinding:
Not all but most of the time stumps can be ground out to return the yard to its normal condition . This of course is depending on the stumps location to structures and utility services. Stump removal can be done at the time of a tree removal or at a later date, depending on the weather and safety conditions. Stump grinding usually goes to a depth of 6 to 10 inches below the soil where the tree stump was located. It is very important to mark the utilities prior to any stump removal. This can be done very simply by calling 1 800 JULIE toll free 1-800-892-0123 or submit an e-request before you dig around the stumps. This is a free service that requires about a 72 hour notice prior to the stump removal. All stumps are unique and vary in price but most range from $20-150.

Brush chipping:
Brush chipping is a machine that grinds up all the branches and debris into small wood chips. These wood chips can be hauled away. They can also be used as mulch around flower beds, other trees, parking spots, low lying muddy areas, high traffic areas, trails or bedding material for livestock.

If the customer would like the tree cut into firewood to be utilized in fireplaces or outdoor pits, this can be done and will actually reduce the final cost of the tree removal, if the firewood is left behind. If anyone is interested in free firewood, please contact us to be placed on a call list for a location near you.

Pest treatments:
Embark Tree Removal will treat certain pests such as the Emerald Ash Borer, and the Eastern Pine Bark Beetle. These insects, new to our area affect pine trees. We can also treat certain fruit trees. This is done using the safest most effective herbicides we can purchase for our area. Most pest treatment is done as a preventive measure, it is much easier to treat a tree before it becomes infested then to try and rid the tree of the pest after it has set in. Preventive treatments ahead of infestation is highly recommended to ensure the survival of the desired tree.

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